We promise you this workout is as good as it sounds. The abs and the booty are for most people the best muscles groups to train and that is exactly the reason why we offer this workout in Het Marnix! Burning abs and booty guaranteed!

BBB Yoga

Our BBB Yoga class is a lovely yoga class that focusses on the core, booty and legs. Strong and tight muscles is what we all want to train and how good does it feel if you can make your body also more flexible?! You don’t have to be supple, we focus more on getting to know our body to be more aware of it.


We proudly present this killer BODYATTACK™ workout! Beginner or trained athlete, we challenge everyone to go to their maximum! Jumping, running, high knees, let’s go! You will feel and notice the results and before you know it you are totally addicted to BODYATTACK™!


BODYPUMP is a workout for everyone that wants to strengthen their whole body. During this class we challenge all our big and important muscle groups with the help of the best strength building exercises. Guided by fantastic music and professional trainers that will help you make the right choice in weights this workout will help you get the results you’ve always wanted!


Let’s work that booty! We all want to train our booty and that is exactly what we do in this workout. The legs and the abs also get the attention they deserve, because they go so well with a round and strong booty. As you are used to from Switch Workout it will be sweat and hard work and it will absolutely be worth it!


Essentrics is a dynamic total body stretch workout where we work on building our strength and lengthening our muscles. With influences of tai chi and ballet this class is so well for young and old. With awareness and attention working on your body is what we do and by moving in flowing stretches we will work our way to the connective tissue.


Are you ready to HIIT it?! During this amazing HIIT-workout you alternate explosive and intense exercises focussing on building strength and stamina with short moments where you can catch your breath for a little bit. This way we increase your endurance and you will keep burning calories even after you finished the workout!

Total Booty Workout

During our Total Booty Workout you will work your whole body! Prepare yourself for a lovely workout, a lot of sweat and hard work with extra love and attention for the booty! 


We are absolutely sure that you want to be part of this! Come and stay in the best shape ever while you dance to the best Zumba beats. We will make sure that you burn maximum calories and you will leave the class with a big smile on your face!

Aqua BBB

Are you looking for the perfect workout that gives you stronger and tighter abs, legs and booty?! This is it! Intense, challenging but most of all fun with the right music and our enthusiastic trainers that motivate you to give it everything you got. We use the resistance of the water to strengthen our muscles and burn as many calories as possible.

Aqua Bootcamp

Aqua Bootcamp is an intense full body workout for the real diehards! With good music you will kill this bootcamp workout, where we challenge you in both strength and stamina in the water. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers that will provide you with the right advices so your movements will be more effective and motivate you to go a little further, you will get everything out of this workout.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In Aqua HIIT you will be guided by our professional trainers and supported by nice music to give it everything you got and go to your max to HIIT that peak in your heart rate. This moments of highs will be alternated by short moments where you can catch your breath for a little bit, but not moving is not an option! This way we build stamina and we’ll keep burning after the workout!

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is a workout in which we walk, jog and run in the swimming pool without our feet touching the bottom. This may sound easy, but the resistance of the water makes aqua jogging much more challenging than a round in the parc. During this workout you will be challenged because we focus on endurance training and strength exercises for our arms, legs, abs and back where we use the resistance of the water. A real total body workout! You will wear a wetbelt around your waist, so it is easier to float. This workout is for everyone, because you can make it as hard and tough as you want!

Aqua Total Body Workout

We train the whole body in the nice warm water of Het Marnix. We start with a challenging warming-up before we train all the big muscle groups, using for instance aqua dumbells or flexibeams. Exercises focussing on strength are alternated by exercises that bring your heart rate up so we build both strength and stamina.

Aqua Zumba

Dancing makes everyone happy so that is exactly what we’re going to do in the swimming pool of Het Marnix! The water makes this workout both more and less intense, because we dance against the water of the resistance but the water also makes jumping easier on your joints. This class is therefore good for everyone! Our fantastic trainer Christian teaches this class full of passion and energy!

Aqua 50Fit

Have you reached the beautiful age of 50?! You are so welcome to join our special ’50Fit’ workout! During this class we challenge you to keep your body fit and strong. The choice in music, the pace in which we execute the movements and the exercise are all adjusted to the age of this group. But don’t get it wrong, this class is still intense and focusses specifically on building strength in the muscles but also increasing flexibility and building stamina. After the class there’s time to swim so we cool down the body and get it ready for the recovery.

Float HIIT

The Float HIIT is an intense workout on floatboards floating on the pool for the real diehards! Loud and good music will motivate you to give it everything you got and HIIT that peak in your heart rate. These peaks will be alternated by short moments where you can catch your breath for a little bit. This way you build up endurance and you keep burning calories even after you’re done! We will do everything we can to challenge you to go even further than you believed you could go, so you will get maximum results out of this workout.

Float Yoga

Yoga is already great, but how much fun is it to do it on the water?! During this class we will explore the boundaries of our yoga practice and challenge our balance to the maximum, because we will be floating on our own floatboards in the pool! The warm atmosphere and the sound of the water give this class the extra unique experience. We will find the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation in a lovely way that will make you so much more aware of your body!



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