About Us

Switch is a completely new concept in Amsterdam! An initiative of 3 creative and sporty entrepreneurs, each with our own expertise.

When The Netherlands first fell under the spell of the Coronavirus in 2020, gyms had to close their doors. Full of passion, motivation and enthusiasm, we provided outdoor training courses in Westerpark. With every passing week, we saw the number of participants increasing, all of whom left with big smiles. We knew we created something special and decided to join forces, expanding the outdoor training to unique locations throughout the city.

Our exciting “Switch” concept allows members to enjoy the best workouts with great trainers in the most beautiful locations, which, true to our name, we switch from time to time! Members of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join the party.

Music plays an important role during workouts — the right music can give you that extra push. And, of course, the combination of the right music and a fantastic location creates the perfect environment for succeeding in your fitness goals.