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Personal Training

 Het Marnix – The Boutique

Now, more than ever, is the time to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Boutique is all about that! In the Boutique we have the best personal trainers that Amsterdam has to offer and are ready to work together with you on achieving your personal goals.

Aqua Sport

 Het Marnix – The Pool

Unique in Amsterdam, at Switch Workout you can join the best Aqua Sport group classes. From high intensity to low intensity, from Bootcamp to Yoga, for everyone we offer a suitable but challenging class.

(Small) Group Workouts

 Het Marnix – The Boutique / The Big Gym

Besides the pool we have a nice boutique studio and  big gym where we can provide you with the best group workouts in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to join and everyone can train in their own level of fitness. 

Switch’s goal is to bring fitness and happiness to as many Amsterdammers as we can!

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Het Marnix

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