Luciano Losacco

PowerhourBBB & ZumbaBBB

Doing something you enjoy and making it your job is a blessing! Since 2010, my motto is “fit, strong and happy”, and I have brought that messaging to children in schools and adults in companies alike. No challenge is too great for me, which is why I work from a “no is not an option” principle.

Sanna Losacco Lotze

Zumba, ZumbaShape, ZumbaBBB en BootyShape

For as long as I can remember, I have loved music and dancing. Since 2009, I have been allowed to share that love and dedication with the people who participate in my classes. Dance is the way for me to show my emotions and passion to others.

Muriël Romijn

ZumbaShape, BodyShape, BootyShape en Balance

I believe that everyone wants and can be the best version of themselves. I would like to contribute to this with my workouts and lessons. I am always there for you with a big smile, and fun in sports is my priority!