Luciano Losacco

Aqua Bootcamp, Aqua HIIT, Aqua Jogging, Aqua Fifty Fit, Booty & Personal Training

Doing something you enjoy and making it your job is a blessing! Since 2010, my motto is “fit, strong and happy”, and I have brought that messaging to children in schools and adults in companies alike. No challenge is too great for me, which is why I work from a “no is not an option” principle.

Sanna Losacco Lotze

Zumba, Abs&Booty, Total Booty Workout & HIIT

For as long as I can remember, I have loved music and dancing. Since 2009, I have been allowed to share that love and dedication with the people who participate in my classes. Dance is the way for me to show my emotions and passion to others.

Muriël Romijn

Aqua Bootcamp, Aqua HIIT, Aqua Jogging, Aqua Fifty Fit, Abs&Booty, Total Booty Workout, BBB Yoga, Bodypump & Personal Training

I believe that everyone wants and can be the best version of themselves. I would like to contribute to this with my workouts and lessons. I am always there for you with a big smile, and fun in sports is my priority!

Joris Ottow

Bodyattack & Bodypump

With my energy and passion for group classes I want to motivate you to dig deeper and become stronger and fitter.

René Bod

Bodyattack & Bodypump

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” is also the case when you workout together. In my classes we put the fun of sweating together, jumping and getting fit first. Everybody is welcome and you train at your own level. Together we smile our way to the finish line!

Christian Hansen

Aqua Zumba

I’ve been singing and dancing as a young child and as I grew older I realized that I could help others through the power of music and connection. I used to be 154 kg myself and then I found there was a way to loose weight and to feel better about myself without having to lift weights every day. In my course there’s no judgment, no one watching to see if you get the dance moves right, how big or small you are. We are all here for the same goal, to be just a bit better than yesterday: and after this class I truly hope you feel like this! If you want to get fit, push through the pain, relieve some stress, enjoy the love that music combined with the beautiful movements of the water can bring then this is the course for you. This unique experience of Aqua Zumba you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. As many of my students say this is better than therapy! Being your beautiful self and join in the love every Tuesday evening. I know you will keep coming back for more!

Tanja Haringa


You always have energy for Bodypump, even if it is just a little bit and distractions are right around the corner. Bodypump is one hour of full body workout, with motivating music, we train all muscles groups and you will get so much energy from it! Train to be the best version of yourself, give it your all at the end of a long day of work! Before you know it you can’t go without it anymore and you will add an extra class in the weekend.

Daisy Alsemgeest


Free your body and the rest will follow! Attentively, soft, flexible and at the same time powerful moving: that is what I want you to explore in an essentrics class. The focus in my class lies with pleasure, relaxation and compassion for you body. And you take that lovely calm and spacious feeling into the rest of your day.

Yuna Backx

Float Yoga

To me yoga is coming home to yourself, listening to your body, exploring your boundaries and for the most part accepting of all that is present. Add the element water to this and experience a lovely moment for yourself on your float board. This floating yogamat brings and keeps you totally in the here and now and adds an extra dimension to your yoga practice.


Aqua Total Bodyworkout & AquaBBB

I was 22 when I started teaching Aqua sport classes and I felt it right away; this is what I love to do and that is why I started specializing myself in this field. Aqua sport is my passion and it is what I like to do most within the walls of Het Marnix. The best thing about Aqua sport for me is using the water in your exercises, the more resistance, the harder it gets! The AquaBBB class is my thing, I started it back in 2006 when Het Marnix re-opened. I love training the abs, booty and legs!

My nickname is Aqua Dive Elisa and it was given to me for a reason by one of the visitors about 16 years ago!

Francoise van der Rande

Aqua Fifty Fit

Every Thursday it’s party time in the Aqua Fifty Fit! In my class you can count on familiar feel good music and nice people, which makes this a lovely water workout.



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